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Morning is the time for being relaxed and in a state of dreaming. Many people experience the moment of waking up as being a state of semi consciousness occupied by fragmented images and sound from their lives. When a couple (as in the video) are half sleeping, they are not engaged in intimate action, They act as separate entities. Still, they hear each others voices around them, sweet words experienced during days past. Couples are always using nice words, speaking of love and trust, but the question remains, what does this actually mean for them?
Trust has been placed in the forefront as a common social issue in this project, displayed through the medium of video and sound. The art project and artist’s view are intended to provoke discussion in the public forum by zooming in on the details of daily life. This includes telling lies or the use white lies to describe the elements of social interaction. A lie is not in itself a problem but is also a reflection of many social issues and situations that individuals live with.